Faster & more reliable solutions to boost productivity

Looking to speed up your drywall installation and increase profit margins? Whether it’s worker fatigue or poor-quality fixings slowing you down, we’ve been searching for ways to help boost productivity and cut labour costs at every stage of your project. Say goodbye to unreliable tools, complicated repairs and minimal training that’s leaving you and your team in the dark. At Hilti, we’ve got other ideas. Read on to explore our drywall solutions…

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High-performance tools & speedy repairs

There’s nothing more frustrating and costly than downtime due to broken tools. Investing in quality tools that won’t let you down will save you time and money when you’re under pressure to get the job done. All of our 22V cordless drywall tools are high-performing, market-leading and have low breakdown rates. But accidents do happen, so how do you avoid complicated processes and lengthy repair times? With Hilti Fleet Management, our simplified speedy repair process gets you back on track in no time. And we’ll even provide you with loan tools the very next day whilst you wait!


Faster solutions for every stage

Efficient installation leads to cost savings, so the quicker you can get the job done the better. Traditional methods like drilling and fixing track fastening can be time-consuming, but what if we said we could cut this by up to a fifth? With our battery-actuated BX 3-L A22 02 direct fastening tool, you can! It has less recoil, activity tracking and doesn’t produce dust, meaning you can skip the cleaning stage and monitor productivity whenever you need to.

Laying out stud wall tracks? Forget labour-intensive and error-prone manual chalk measurements. When you’re up against the clock or have large distances and complex layouts to measure, the PM 30-MG multi-line laser simplifies the process – and can be operated by a single person. You can also reduce fatigue by using our electric CD 4-A22 cordless caulking dispenser to caulk joints, or by fastening plasterboards with our lightweight SD 5000 A-22 cordless stud wall screwdriver.

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Fill skill gaps & stay in the loop

If you’ve had limited training or support in the past, you may be unaware of the latest technologies that could significantly increase jobsite productivity and safety. Need direct fastening training? Hilti offers online DX certification run by experts. Or, you can visit the Hilti online firestop design centre and submittal tool to generate firestop designs and submittals with ease. If you still can’t find what you need, simply ask our Hilti engineers for technical support. And if you want accurate data on how many screws, nails and other consumables you’re using, the Hilti Connect App will keep you fully up to date.


By becoming a Hilti Fleet Management customer, you’ll have access to our simplified 3-day repair process should your tools breakdown. If that’s not enough, we’ll even provide you with loan tools the following day whilst you wait.

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Swap traditional drilling and fixing for our Hilti direct fasteners – for virtually dust-free track fastening that’s up to 5x faster! Skip the manual cleaning stage completely and monitor productivity daily with activity tracking.

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Partner with Hilti to benefit from expert support at every stage of your project. We offer everything from specialist advice and recommendations, to accredited training and demonstrations to help ensure you find the approved solutions you need.

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