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What are webinars?

Hilti supplies the worldwide construction industry with innovative products, systems and services.

The engineering team here at Hilti is aware that there is a constant need to keep abreast of this and also a strong requirement for continuous professional development. This can be purely product based or in most cases covering the ever improving and adapting design methods and industry standards that we use on a daily basis. Therefore the education and training of engineers and architects with respect to innovative and effective solutions is a key focus for our Engineering department.

Today’s world however can provide us with less time to achieve these educational goals which is why we at Hilti provide regular webinars on important topics. Allowing you to view them in a live and interactive manner, with our specialists available to directly respond to your technical queries, or at a later time that will suit your own predefined schedule.

Take a look at our current schedule and follow the links to the simple registration process.

Can I gain CPD points online?

Upon request following the successful completion of a Hilti Webinar, we are able to issue a certificate of attendance that you can use towards your CPD points

How do i participate in Hilti Webinars?

Take a look below at our current schedule of webinars and follow the links to the simple registration process.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to attend the webinar.

If you are not able to attend, you will receive a link to a recording of the webinar after its completion. 

Our current list of webinars

  • 04 APR 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Firestop PU Foams

    This webinar looks at the common misconceptions and misuse of PU foams in the realm of firestopping. We also cover when PU foams are suitable and alternative products that should be used correctly in places when the foam may previously have been misused.

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  • 18 JUL 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Fixing into masonry

    Masonry works can be found in almost all type of structures and buildings and anchoring applications in masonry are required for rehabilitation or new construction. This webinar considers how to fix into masonry.

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  • 08 AUG 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Masonry PROFIS

    A run through of PROFIS Anchor using masonry as the base material.

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  • 29 AUG 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Anchors influencing factors

    This webinar looks at factors influencing the anchor design process, such as base material, different anchor types and failure modes. It provides the basics that should be considered before a full anchorage design is carried out.

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  • 19 SEP 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Anchors ETAG

    In this webinar we will be looking at how to carry out full anchor design calculations, following the current ETA design method.

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  • 10 OCT 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Anchors PROFIS

    This webinar covers a PROFIS Anchor demonstration and tutorial through a real life design example.

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  • 31 OCT 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Rebar 1

    Post-installed rebar connections designed as part of a structural system must be designed as carefully as the entire structure. European Technical Approvals prove that in static load situations, post-installed rebars behave like cast-in bars. Join the webinar to find out more

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  • 01 NOV 2017
    Start : 12:30 End : 01:30 Place : Online

    Rebar PROFIS

    Hilti PROFIS Rebar is the PC application that makes the calculation of rebar overlap lengths and embedment depths easier than ever before – it quite simply puts the design of post-installed rebar connections at your fingertips.

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