Hilti ON!Track asset management


Hilti ON!Track: the complete, professional, cloud-based asset management solution

Where’s the concrete mixer? How long will the diamond coring tool be needed at the main site? When does it need to be serviced?

It can take a lot of time and energy to get the answers you need to routine questions. There’s also a lot at stake, because longer search times can mean additional costs. And if work cannot be completed without a certain tool, the original timetable might be put at risk.

Hilti ON!Track is the professional solution for keeping track of your plant and materials, especially for contractors who operate across multiple sites and locations. Thanks to our cloud-based software, every piece of available equipment may be recorded, registered, and efficiently managed.

Rather than questions, ON!Track supplies you and your employees with answers – and reliable information. You know just what equipment is available at your building site, where it is, what condition it is in and which employee is currently responsible for it.

Hilti ON!Track also helps you to manage health and safety: all the required and existing certificates, as well as maintenance and training dates, are easy to record, store and access. The system can also automatically remind key users when critical certification or training is due to expire for any employee or asset.

Get to know the facts on why Hilti ON!Track can help you increase your company's productivity.

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90 hours

spent searching
On average, 90 hours a month are spent searching for assets across construction sites.

65 %

difficulties with tracking
65 per cent of customers have trouble keeping track of required certificates and maintenance dates.

7000 £

wasted every year
On average, 6 assets are lost every month, potentially adding up to £7,000 a year.


Hilti ON!Track asset management

Before ON!Track

  • Time-consuming equipment management: equipment is tediously tracked with notes, lists or maps
  • Lack of transparency: employees have no reliable information on the location, use or condition of the equipment
  • High costs: companies lose money on deadlines due to missing tools and other assets, or hiring/purchasing additional unneeded equipment
Hilti ON!Track asset management

With ON!Track

  • Increased productivity: equipment is managed transparently and is easy to find
  • Optimised processes: Equipment is managed effectively and conveniently thanks to user-friendly software and modern hardware
  • Improved health and safety: employees are able to keep track of required certificates and maintenance 


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Find out how our customers are using ON!Track

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    Driving productivity

    Discover how ON!Track has helped Skuddair drive productivity across their business

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    One app with many solutions backed-up by dedicated support team

    Find out how ON!Track helps Sonic Rail Services manage more than 5000 assets including tools, PPE and consumables with a really positive impact on their day-to-day business


What challenges do you face tracking your assets?

“Sellafield is a massive site with many different contracts ongoing at the same time, so we continually need to transfer plant and materials between job-sites. It is essential that we know where all our assets are at any given time, particularly in areas of the site that are deemed to be higher risk. In such cases, all tools and materials must be issued with a Nuclear Clearance Exemption certificate confirming that these assets are safe to leave the area.”

How did you previously track your assets?

“We’ve made significant savings in time previously lost to manually tracking plant and other materials. Historically, this information was stored on excel sheets which were not kept up to date nor shared across the business. This meant we didn’t have a clear idea of the assets we owned or on which sites they were being used.”

What benefits have you seen from using ON!Track?

“Now we’ve tagged all our tools, we were amazed to see how much plant we actually have and were shocked to see that we’d been repeat buying tools we already had. The new system has given us full visibility over our entire tool inventory and have stopped wasting money in this area. If a team has a requirement for a specific tool, we can now check the system to see where all the tools of this type are and simply arrange for this piece of kit to be transferred to the team that need it.”

Find out more about PPS Electrical

PPS Electrical
Steven Fox
PPS Electrical
Quality and Compliance Manager
Number of assets tagged:


  • Hilti ON!Track asset management
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    Consulting and analysing the current situation

    For companies, it’s a major decision to introduce a new system for managing equipment. Hilti supports you throughout the process and even after the system’s introduction. To start, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of your business processes and existing equipment.

  • Hilti ON!Track asset management
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    Developing a tailor-made solution

    You decide which employees should be authorised to register and process equipment in the system. Together with you our software team adapt your ON!Track account to your individual business needs.

  • Hilti ON!Track asset management
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    Implementing ON!Track at your company

    The Hilti implementation team helps you with the tagging of all your equipment with robust barcoded tags built for the construction industry and then register them to your system. The cloud-based solution does not need to be installed on your computer. After logging in, the data can be immediately accessed at any time via a web browser and is always up to date. Thanks to our user-friendly smart-phone app, which you simply install on your mobile device, you can also retrieve all necessary information on-the-go.

  • Hilti ON!Track asset management
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    Training your employees

    Hilti ON!Track Field Specialists conduct a comprehensive training session so that you and your employees learn all the functions of the ON!Track web and mobile app, and how to use them best.

  • Hilti ON!Track asset management
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    Let’s get started!

    You can now start working with ON!Track. For your business, this means: more efficient and transparent processes, lower costs and a better overview of where your equipment is located. You’ll also receive reliable information on which tools are in use or being repaired. With accurate data, you’ll be able to optimise their workload.

Want to know how Hilti ON!Track can help your company? Make an appointment today with the Hilti ON!Track team in your area:

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