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ON!Track – Asset Management

ON!Track equipment management gives you complete clarity into what equipment you have, where it is, who is using it, and when it needs maintenance. With this critical information at your fingertips you can efficiently get your equipment where it needs to be — keeping your jobs on track and profitable.

Facts and Figures

90 hours

spent searching
On average, 90 hours a month are spent searching for assets across construction sites.

65 %

difficulties with tracking
65 per cent of customers have trouble keeping track of required certificates and maintenance dates.

7000 £

wasted every year
On average, 6 assets are lost every month, potentially adding up to £7,000 a year.

How does ON!Track work?

ON!Track combines the use of asset tags and a cloud based software to help you track all of your assets and their status anywhere, anytime on any device.

It also enables you to track your commodities, get notifications of your service maintenance schedules, know when you have to update employee certificates and to manage many more tasks in one place. Fully transparently.

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  • Hardware: robust barcode tags – can be applied to any type of equipment you have and want to track (not exclusive to Hilti)
  • Software: easy to use, cloud-based and free smartphone app (iOS and Android) with unlimited users.
  • Service: onsite consultation, development of individual solution, full implementation with data upload and asset tagging, onsite training and nevertheless best in class, free customer support

ON!Track Solution Overview

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4 easy steps to getting your business ON!Track

STEP 1: Initial consultation and analysis

For companies, it’s a major decision to introduce a new system for managing equipment. Hilti supports you throughout the process and even after the system’s introduction. To start, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of your business processes and existing equipment.

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STEP 2: Development of a tailored solution

You decide which employees should be authorised to register and process equipment in the system. Together with you our software team adapt your ON!Track account to your individual business needs.

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STEP 3: Implementation of ON!Track

The Hilti implementation team helps you with the tagging of all your equipment with robust barcoded tags built for the construction industry and then register them to your system.

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STEP 4: Training & Support

Hilti ON!Track Field Specialists conduct a comprehensive training session so that you and your employees learn all the functions of the ON!Track web and mobile app, and how to use them best.

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How do we start?

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How much does it cost?

The initial Consultation & Analysis costs £360.00. It includes a summary report that outlines the annual savings ON!Track could deliver to your business, as well as how much it would cost to implement. Watch the video to find out more.

What our customers think

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    Driving productivity

    Discover how ON!Track has helped Skuddair drive productivity across their business

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    One app with many solutions backed-up by dedicated support team

    Find out how ON!Track helps Sonic Rail Services manage more than 5000 assets including tools, PPE and consumables with a really positive impact on their day-to-day business


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