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As a valued VIP customer, we want you to be the first to know about the innovative new products we will be launching in August. 

This page is exclusively shared with our VIPs to give you a preview of our latest innovations before they launch and offer you the opportunity to schedule a meeting with your Account Manager in August to make sure you are the first to try them out.

It’s a jam-packed launch filled with exciting new products so why not scroll down and let us know what you’d like to see first-hand.

Exclusive VIP products

See them here first


DSH 600-X

Compact, lightweight and powerful gas saw

The first pull gets you started with the DSH 600-X. Equipped with a blade brake safety feature, it has a deep cutting depth up to 120 mm with a standard 300 mm blade.


22V Cordless pistol grip pipe press tool

Ensure you have a strong connection: The NPR 32-PE enables pressing copper and steel pipes up to 108 mm.


22V Cordless tool for fastening threaded studs to steel

Make the switch to battery powered fastening of X-BT studs to steel with the new BX3-BT.

PM 30 MG

Eccentric multi-line laser with three 360° lines

Hit the right spot: Thanks to its eccentric beam, the PM 30-MG helps you align columns and square corners without the need to move the laser.

B22/8.0 Li-ion battery

Get the ultimate ballance between weight, power and reach with the all-new B 22/8.0 battery.

TE 500-A36

High-perfomance cordless demolition breaker

No more trip hazards with the all-new cordless TE 500-A36 for tile and plaster removal and masonry demolition.

DX 9

Next generation of stand-up tools for metal decking

Work smarter, safer and faster with the fully automatic DX9-ENP for collated nails and the SDT 9 stand-up handle for collated screws.

B 12/4.0

B 12/4.0 Li-ion battery

Higher runtime and power in a compact and lightweight casing.

SR 2-A12

12V Cordless recip saw

Perfect for quickly cutting pipes and removing materials. The SR2-A12 has a brushless motor optimised to deliver strong performance with every charge.

SFD 2-A12

12V Cordless screwdriver

The new, compact SFD 2-A12 is ideal for all electrical installations, driving screws up to 6 mm in wood and plastic anchors.

SID 2-A12

12V Cordless impact driver

Compact yet powerful SID 2-A12 impact driver for driving drywall and wood screws as well as anchors.

SF 2-A12

12V Cordless drill driver

More power. Less weight. The SF 2-A12 can drill holes up to 8 mm in metal and 14 mm in wood.

SF 2H-A12

12V Cordless hammer drill

Super compact and powerful SF 2H-A12 hammer for drilling up to 6 mm in brick, masonry and concrete. 

SR 30-A36

36V Cordless recip saw

Ultimate performance for cordless cutting: The SR 30-A36 is ideal for your heavy-duty demolition and cutting applications.

NCR 120-A

12 Ton crimper tool

The NCR 120-A22 crimps copper and aluminum connectors up to 750 KCMIL

NCT 85-A

Large diameter cutter

Perfect for cutting large diameter copper and aluminum wires - up to 9 mm outside diameter. 


HAS-U rods

One rod to anchor them all: The new HAS-U Universal threaded rod for resin and capsules.

P-S 230 universal disc

Universal diamond blade

Our standard performance diamond blade for gas saws, angle grinders and electric cutters, for cutting concrete, masonry and other materials.

Ultimate Metal blades

Our ultimate diamond blades for superior cutting performance in metal and other base materials

PS 300

PS 300 scanner

What is that you see? Advanced rebar detection scanner for depth and diameter information.

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