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Introducing the new Hilti Exoskeleton

Exoskeleton to relieve strain on the shoulders and arms during overhead installation work

Our latest innovation created in partnership with medical technology company Ottobock for overhead applications. Our Exoskeleton is designed to support Health & Safety, productivity gains and diversity on jobsites.

For many workers, problems caused by continuous overhead working can cause pain, fatigue or even injury. The new EXO-O1 Exoskeleton is a wearable, light weight system that is comfortable for all day use with freedom of movement. The support force is generated by expanders and helps to reduce muscle pain and fatigue, lowering the risk of joint injury.

Revolutionise the way you carry out overhead applications with the Hilti EXO-O1 Exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton to relieve strain on the shoulders and arms during overhead installation work

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DGH 150 diamond grinder

Introducing a dedicated grinder for the toughest jobs, the all new DGH 150

After 15 years of service our new DGH 150 will replace the DG 150 Concrete Grinder.

The DGH 150 offers increased performance, durability and improved ergonomics to help boost productivity while not compromising on comfort.  With a new dust resistant brushless drive, the DGH 150 is durable and long-lasting even when carrying out tasks that generate a high-volume of dust. A secure quick connection to dust removal systems and dust channel routing under the tool body supports safer, virtually-dust free working.

The new DGH 150 concrete grinder joins the DGH 130  wall grinder and AG 125 angle grinder to strengthen our portfolio, covering all grinding applications.

Hilti Diamond Grinders

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DCH 150-SL Wall Chaser

Meet our new Wall Chaser DCH 150-SL, a part of our diamond cutting solutions for safely slitting in concrete & masonry.


The DCH 150-SL comes with a powerful motor and dedicated 150mm slitting discs for professional slits of up to 50x50mm. A new laser guide helps to easily cut accurate slits and channels, and soft grip handles are designed for comfortable working and reduced vibration.

The new DCH 150-SL joins our complete portfolio of tools and blades to help you cut faster, safer and easier into a broad range of materials including hard concrete.

Hilti Wall Chasers

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Next Generation SMD 57 collated screw magazine

The Next Generation SMD 57 screw magazine is a robust and versatile addition to your tool park.

Boost productivity and fasten more boards in less time with the SMD 57 collated screw magazine. The Next Generation screw magazine comes with a longer lasting metal nose for increased reliability and one-step loading minimising the time you spend reloading screw strips. The compact design for fastening overhead lets you work in those hard to reach spaces and the side-mounted setting depth wheel and screw length adjustment slides makes changing between applications even easier.

Hilti Collated Screw Magazine



Our Hole Saw portfolio is expanding with some exciting new innovations.

  • Ultimate Carbide Tipped Hole Saw: Heavy duty, individually welded carbide tipped teeth for durability. This new Hole Saw can offers extreme lifetime in the toughest of materials.
  • Ultimate Multi-purpose Hole Saw: Construction-ready, engineered to cut masonry and drywall with carbide teeth, large cutting depth and clearance slots for effective slug removal.
  • Premium MultiCut Hole Saw: Comes with deeper cutting depth and enhanced tooth geometry for fast and smooth cuts whilst delivering high performance.
  • Premium MetalCut Hole Saw:  High performance with variable teeth, ideal for cutting a variety of metal materials. Comes with an ejector spring to ensure easy and fast removal of cut metal discs. 
Hilti Hole Saws

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Check out our new carbide reciprocating saw blades, part of our new carbide portfolio offering the best solution for a wide range of applications.  Introducing the SPX Metal, SPX Wood Metal and SPX Universal blades. All three blades come with tungsten carbide tipped teeth for durability and high speed in the toughest of applications.

No matter the application or base material, with our multiline portfolio you can find the right blade to suit your needs. 

Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades

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HAC-C-P Cast in Channel

For fast installation of curtain walls

The new HAC-C-P is an upgraded version of our HAC-C hot rolled cast-in channels and an ideal solution for Curtain Wall design. Thanks to improved design featuring stronger channel to anchor connection, improved lip geometry and increased anchor diameter, our premium cast-in channels hold much higher loads. The new HAC-C-P holds state of the art approvals, including fatigue applications and 3D solutions.

Hilti now has the most complete cast-in channels portfolio with a solution for every application.


Hilti Cast-in Channels

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The PLT 300 total station is our new easy-to-use, self-levelling Advanced Layout Tool

Increase productivity on the jobsite with our simple to use layout tool built for one-person operation. The PLT 300 layout tool transforms the task of laying out formwork, anchor points, gridline layout or interior wall partitions into a routine one-person operation with greater accuracy and speed. The PLT 300 will automatically level itself when turned on and with automatic stationing, positioning the tool couldn’t be easier.

The PLT 300 fully supports BIM-to-Field and Field-to-BIM (as-built) applications, bringing your digital models to life by locating points and laying them out direct from the tablet on the jobsite.

Hilti Advanced Layout Solutions

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Discover Hilti SMART Delivery Subscription Service

Affordable and flexible deliveries to suit your business

At Hilti, we understand that customers have different needs based on order frequency, shipping destination and speed of delivery. We also know how important it is to be able to manage variable costs. To help with this, we’ve created Hilti Smart, our new shipping subscription service which provides the benefit of unlimited delivery based on your selected subscription tier.

We offer two subscription options: Smart Standard and Premium, based on your desired shipping speed and location of delivery. It’s easy to get started. Simply choose which of our subscription options meet your needs and enjoy the benefits immediately upon signing up. If you find that you no longer need the service, you can cancel at any time.

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