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The SF 6-A22 and SF 6H-A22 with Active Torque Control (ATC) for heavy-duty drilling and driving

The new SF 6-A22 and SF 6H-A22 are Power Class drill drivers. They provide you with a great power-to-size ratio for a broad variety of applications. They have also safety features such as the Active Torque Control (ATC) that protect you against kickback. 

Both tools use a brushless motor which provides up to 65 Nm of soft joint torque and a maximum no-load RPM of 2000 in the 2nd gear which, when combined, offer top-class application speeds for high productivity. So, whether you are drilling pilot holes in steel or large-diameter through-holes in wood, you have the power and versatility to perform a variety of drilling and driving tasks. 

DSH 600-X petrol saw

Compact, lightweight and powerful petrol saw

The first pull gets you started with the DSH 600-X. Equipped with a blade brake safety feature, it has a deep cutting depth up to 120 mm with a standard 300 mm blade.

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SF 6-A22 Cordless drill driver

Cordless drill and hammer drill driver

SF 6-A22 and SF 6(H)-A22

Slim body and ergonomic design with new metal gearing delivers powerful performance and Active Torque Control (ATC) for increased safety.

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Cordless caulking dispenser

CD 4-A22

With 5kN dispensing force, this powerful and versatile dispenser is perfect for sealing joints against fire and smoke.

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RT 6-A22 Cordless rivet tool

Cordless rivet tool

RT 6-A22

High-pull force of 10kN activated by a simple touch of the single-action trigger for metal fabrication and installation of façade panels and systems as well as fencing and roofing.

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DGH 130 Diamond angle grinder

Diamond angle grinder

DGH 130

High-performing dedicated concrete wall grinder.

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Coated Abrasives

Coated abrasives

New range of Flap, Fibre and Non-Woven discs for grinding and polishing steel. 

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VC 40H-XE H-Class vacuum cleaner

H-Class vacuum cleaner

VC 40 H-XE

H-class certified vacuum cleaner for leading particle absorption.

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Fixed points

Fixed Points

New portfolio of Fixed Points provides solutions for a wider range of load and  height requirements for pipe expansion applications.

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PROFIS Engineering

PROFIS Engineering software

PROFIS Engineering PE-S

Software for anchor design in line with Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-4) guidelines.

Meet our new tool family for Metal Fabrication

GPB 6X-A22 Cordless burnisher

Cordless burnisher

GPB 6X-A22

Cordless burnisher for grinding, polishing and finishing metal surfaces.

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GFB 6X-A22 Cordless band file

Cordless band file

GFB 6X-A22

Cordless band file for grinding, polishing and finishing difficult-to-reach spaces.

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GTB 6X-A22 Cordless band file

Cordless tube belt sander

GTB 6X-A22

Cordless tube belt sander for grinding, polishing and finishing tubes or pipes.

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Metal finishing inserts

Complete range of abrasive inserts for grinding, sanding, polishing and finishing metal.

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Construction site productivity analysis

Stay Productive, Stay Compliant

Inefficiencies in processes, unplanned costs and an unproductive workforce can amount to up to 25% of the overall cost of a project, which could have a negative impact on your business and its profitability.

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