A little like an old friend, it's been around for years and you've perhaps become attached to it!

Even though it's adaptable to different materials (concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, plaster...) you are quickly limited in depth and in the diameter of the hole...'s time to reach for a core drill

The drill bit, with its percussion system, can give you nasty surprises: unprecise drilling diameters, cracks, breakage at the entry and exit of the hole...

We all know that drilling holes with the drill bit to lay electric cables is laborious, it generates a lot of dust and you waste time cleaning everything afterwards...


This is the tool of reference for all your drilling and piercing work! Hand held or on a stand: there is no limit to the drilling thickness and it is adaptable to small as well as large diameters on all materials.

Drilling diameters of up to 160mm

With the core drill, the final result is perfect to the nearest millimetre! Drilling is precise, fissure-free and vibration-free when rig mounted.

Drill quicker and to a higher standard with the DD-150-U core drill and its WMS water collector.

Keeping a cleaner site allows you to make the most of your time!

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