Hilti MP-L-I pipe clamp


The Hilti MP-L-I pipe clamp is designed for fast, simple and reliable installation across the full range of light duty applications

Feel like you need another pair of hands?

Working with traditional pipe clamps can be a tricky business. Getting the pipe into the clamp and having the fastening points line up correctly sometimes means two hands are not enough.

Our new secured hinge opens wide, up to 180° and holds its position while you adjust the pipe. The single fastening screw clicks directly into place every time, meaning the clamp can be easily closed and tightened with just one hand – even with your eyes closed.

What's more, this handy new pipe clamp range covers all pipe sizes and materials from 10 mm all the way up to 170 mm so whether you are fastening heating pipes or waste water, we've got you covered.

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MP-L-I Pipe Clamp

MP-L-I Pipe Clamp


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