CFS-DM Release Notes

Version Notes

The 3.7 release brings the following new features and enhancements:

A refresh of the Items Details screens for easier navigation.

  • The addition of Building Names to Project Names on the Project Download screen.
  • Support for Conditional Attributes for our Premium and Professional licensed customers.
  • Varied bug fixes and other performance improvements. 

Release 3.6 focuses on a number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Attribute Amount Increase​ - Minor update allows for up to 75 custom attributes to be created on a sub-project​

  • Continued GDPR Compliance Updates​ - Form links within the application to Hilti’s DSR and Privacy Policies​

  • Varied Bug-Fixes and Performance Improvements


The 3.5.2 release brings the following new features and enhancements:

  • Privacy Policy update to comply with GDRP (for EU Countries).
  • Enhanced warning messages for potential synchronization conflicts.
  • Capability of mobile users to remove projects from their mobile device without a forced cache clear.
  • Varied bug fixes and other performance improvements.

This release entirely focuses on bug fixes and application stabilization.

  • Overall increase in the loading time of very large projects for both Mobile and Back Office viewing.
  • Fixes for varied sync issues resulting from data conflicts, especially with re-numbered penetrations.
  • Fixes for certain sync issues resulting from data deleted/edited from a project in back office, while active documentation is occurring on the mobile side.
  • Updates to support mobile data conflicts when hierarchies are updated, deleted, or changed.
  • Enhancements to our mobile application error handling.
  • Fixes for UI artifacts and errors in the mobile app (such as the order of attributes not displaying correctly for some projects in the mobile app)
  • Updates to prevent the user from saving a penetration without an Item Number. (While this particular issue will be further enhanced to ensure the system auto-assigns an Item Number if none is present; the current release presents a proper error message that forces the user to enter an Item Number, preventing the data conflict).
  • A series of other bug fixes and defects.