For firestop design, construction and building operation

Hilti firestop design software

Firestop design can get complex. There’s a wide range of penetrations to deal with – from pipes, ducts to cable trays. There’s also a very strict inspection process from building authorities.

So at Hilti we’ve tried to simplify all of this with our firestop software and products.

We offer software to help simplify, document and speed up the whole firestop process- including inspections – from design to construction and building operation.


  • Design
    We’ve automated the firestop design process – to automatically identify, select and place the correct firestop solutions into your design. There’s no need for detailed firestop knowledge. Our software does it for you. We also offer a wide range of firestop products, which are available as 2D or 3D BIM/CAD objects.
  • Construction
    Our software enables you to transfer your design data directly into Hilti layout tools.
  • Construction and operation
    We also offer the cloud-based CFS-DM Firestop Documentation Manager to record and keep all your firestop documentation in one place. It quickly creates detailed inspection reports and shares everything with your project team in real time – helping to speed up your workflow.


We also offer a wide range of firestop products to deal with the many different types of penetrations and applications. These are all designed to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases, helping to protect buildings and save lives.

You can be confident in using Hilti firestop software and systems as they are based on more than 20 years of research, development and expertise into passive fire protection.