PROFIS Engineering in New Civil Engineer magazine

We've teamed-up with industry leading New Civil Engineer magazine to explore the challenges the UK engineering community currently face in designing steel-to-concrete connections by conducting a primary research survey with their readers.

Check out the articles below to see what the research uncovered and how PROFIS Engineering could be the answer to many of the challenges identified. 



  • Steel to concrete connections

    Engineers express concerns over anchor design

    Almost a third of engineers who regularly design steel to concrete connections struggle because there is no software to design the different elements of a steel to concrete connection as a whole. That is the key finding of a survey of 100 civil engineers who regularly perform this safety-critical task.

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    steel to concrete design challenges

    Steel to concrete connection design challenges explored

    New Civil Engineer research exposes challenges around designing steel to concrete connections.

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    All-in-one software to design steel to concrete connections

    Software | Making complex connection calcs simple

    A software package launched to allow engineers to make complex calculations on steel-to-concrete connections could save time and money on civils schemes.

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