SafeSet system for installing rebar connections with HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy mortar


Fully approved, safer and more productive installations at your jobsite

What is SafeSet?

SafeSet is the Hilti system for setting anchors and post-installed rebar connections in a safer and more productive way.

SafeSet helps ensure that anchors can carry their maximum load values safely, minimising the risk of anchor failure. It’s designed to speed up the installation of anchors and rebar connections and to make them safer and more reliable. 

All SafeSet components are covered by international approvals and work seamlessly as a system.


Highly reliable

SafeSet components work intuitively as a system to reduce potential mistakes during installation work. SafeSet achieves reliability and security by eliminating steps that negatively impact anchor and rebar performance.

Simply productive

The SafeSet system solution is easy to use and offers a faster installation process. It eliminates the most time-consuming steps, such as hole cleaning, so installations can be made in half the time compared to traditional methods.

Fully approved

Innovatively designed and stringently tested, SafeSet systems carry world-class approvals from renowned third-party institutions.


NEW TE 70-ATC/AVR rotaRy hammer

Truly the most powerful SDS MAX hammer in our portfolio

Our new TE 70-ATC/AVR comes with improved performance in chiselling and drilling by 40% and 25% respectively when compared to their predecessors the TE 70-ATC/AVR and TE 80-ATC/AVR.

The TE 70-ATC/AVR rotary hammer provides you with great performance in rebar installations:

  • Its brushless motor gives the TE 70-AVR/ATC an improved lifetime by 25% and high performance.
  • It also comes with a detachable cord for quick and easy replacements for damaged cords onsite.
  • ATC - Active Torque Control increases users' safety by stopping the tool body from spinning uncontrollably when hitting rebar or other hidden materials. 
  • AVR - Active Vibration Reduction reduces the vibrations to a minimum so the tool is less tiring to use and therefore increases daily productivity.
  • When paired with our DRS-Y dust removal system, it collects up to 95% of dust.
  • The TE 70-ATC/AVR comes with a 2-year lifetime tool service and up to 4 years with our Hilti Fleet Management service.


Choose the right hammer drill for your rebar installation


TE 70-ATC/AVR Corded SDS MAX rotary hammer

Ultimate SDS MAX performance

Ultimate performance SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer for serial drilling and heavy-duty concrete chiselling.


TE 60-ATC/AVR Corded SDS MAX rotary hammer

Performance to weight ratio

SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer for versatile applications such as rebar applications, medium-duty chiselling through holes and medium-duty coring.


TE 60-A36 Cordless SDS MAX rotary hammer

Mobility and corded performance

Cordless SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer for versatile applications such as rebar applications, medium-duty chiselling through holes and medium-duty coring.


TE 50-AVR Corded SDS MAX rotary hammer

Weight and ergonomics

Compact SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer for rebar applications and light duty chiselling in concrete.


TE 30-A36 Cordless SDS PLUS rotary hammer

Mobility and reach

Ultimate performance cordless SDS Plus rotary hammer for serial drilling and corrective chiselling in concrete.


TE 30-AVR Corded SDS PLUS rotary hammer

Ultimate SDS PLUS performance

Ultimate performance SDS Plus rotary hammer for serial drilling and corrective chiselling in concrete.


No more hole cleaning required

Eliminate extra steps with our hollow drill bits

Clean holes as you drill with our TE-CD (SDS-Plus) or TE-YD (SDS-Max) hollow drill bits connected to the VC 20/40 concrete dust vacuum system and eliminate six manual steps as the dust is then removed automatically.

Just drill the hole, inject the adhesive and set the anchor.

Discover our full range of hollow drill bits

New HIT-HY 200-R V3

With our full chemical anchor portfolio, we cover all post-installed rebar applications in any jobsite!

Our new HIT-HY 200-R v3 chemical anchor provides you the best performance in rebar installations:

  • It is the first ETA under "Beyond Cast-In" design for post-installed rebar, covering all concrete to concrete connections.
  • Curing time is twice as longer as the HIT HY 200-A, making it more suitable for rebar applications when more working time is needed.
  • Optimise design and reduce drilling depth by at least 10%, using less mortar and eliminating the need to disrupt existing reinforcements, making the job quicker.
  • Comes with a 100-year service life, approved by the ETA under Eurocode rebar design.

Safeset solutions for rebar applications


HIT-HY 200-R V3

Injectable adhesive anchor

Ultimate performance hybrid injectable mortar with unique approvals for post-installed rebar connections under “Beyond Cast-In” design plus heavy-duty anchoring.


HIT-RE 500 V3

Injectable adhesive anchor
Ultimate-performance injectable epoxy mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring.


HDE 500-A22

Adhesive anchor dispenser
Battery-powered hybrid/epoxy adhesive anchor dispenser.


Hollow drill bits

Our range of hammer drill bits for virtually dust-free drilling in concrete.

View our range

Vacuum cleaners

Our corded, wet and dry vacuum cleaners designed to help keep the jobsite clean and dust out of the way.

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Design post-installed rebar quickly and easily

Hilti PROFIS Rebar design software helps you design a wide range of rebar applications and allows you to:

  • Handle large volumes of calculations
  • Design with shorter anchorage lengths with Hilti design methods and chemical adhesives
  • Design according to Eurocode 2 and the new “Beyond Cast-In” design method
  • Link straight to the Hilti BIM/CAD library – with 2D and 3D models of all Hilti rebar products and their technical data
  • Integrate seamlessly with AutoCAD® and Revit® design software
  • Quickly generate detailed technical reports – including approvals, product information and design methods