3 Signs That You’re a Jobsite Superhero

Could this be you...

jobsite superhero

Sign One:

You can keep track of everything and anything from tools to employees, all by yourself

Spreadsheet whizz? Organisational champion? You just know what’s going on… when, where and how. That’s a jobsite superhero by any standards and up until a certain business size, you can still control everything from tools to commodities to certificates. What’s more, if you can continue to keep track of everything yourself despite business growth, we applaud you.

Let’s face it, we all like to be in control sometimes and if nothing ever changed then we’d sail along  and wouldn’t need a helping hand, but we also want growth which comes with increased complexity and makes us question how to have it all.

For example your business grows within a few years by five times, from a team of ten to 50 plus or three projects to 15 projects, you’d be busy focusing on growth and in the meantime, it would be easy to lose track of managing everything. That’s where ON!Track can come in. You’re not any less a superhero, you’re just like Batman, with a Robin.



Sign Two:

Your projects never get delayed, not even by a minute

If you can meet all deadlines without a single delay then we’re impressed as we know that scope creep (the tendency of a project to grow in scale and complexity due to unexpected reasons) is increasing within the industry. It’s become the norm to have difficulty with completing projects: in the past three years only 25% of all projects were achieved within their original deadline, ultimately affecting the original budget and nobody wants that, superhero or not.

With asset management software such as ON!Track, it can help fight both overtime and over budget tasks through in-depth data management and actionable insights. You may be the most organised jobsite manager, but we know that unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball and sometimes unforeseen circumstances can happen. The key is to find transparency in your business to enable you to identify inefficiencies that could help you get your project back on track. We could help you with that.

Sign Three:

You never waste any time

Due to your organisation, you know where all your tools are, which means no time is spent looking for them. Your productivity dial is set to high, all the time. Is this realistic though? On average, 90 hours a month are spent searching for assets across construction sites which means unexpected downtime.

However, downtime onsite can be tackled, as ON!Track tells you exactly where your tools and assets are, and who is responsible for them. If you need an item urgently, you know where it is and can get it on it’s way to a jobsite immediately – your whole inventory is at your fingertips. This gives you more time to spend on your other superhero duties.

technology at the forefront

One thing is clear, a superhero, with all their skills, can reach their true potential by embracing technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT). We know that the Internet of Things (IoT) can link physical things, such as a power tool, a compressor or a safety harness, with digital information and processes. By equipping these physical things with sensors and connectivity, data can be automatically captured in the field and fed to software that helps companies to run important business processes, one of which is asset tracking, also known as ON!Track

However, we know that nearly 60% of construction companies are not investing in new technologies but we also know that industries that digitise, enjoy increased productivity of up to 1,500%. By embracing IoT digitisation such as ON!Track, the construction industry itself is armed with various ways in which to boost productivity, giving you even more power to be the  superhero that you are.