I Didn't Choose The Construction Industry, It Chose Me!


At Hilti we are committed to developing all our employees and to celebrate International Women's day, we want to put the spotlight on some of the women who have grown within the organisation, through our latest blog series #BalanceForBetter.

This week, we spoke to Sam Lane, Sales Director for our North Division. 

IWD 2019

IWD Sam Lane


Why did you want to join Hilti Sam? 

I always like to say that I didn’t choose the construction industry, but that it chose me!  

I was looking for a Finance position at the time and I’d heard a lot about what a great company Hilti was to work for in terms of their culture and values, but I didn’t know too much about the company itself. 

After doing some further research, I liked what I saw, and I always remember asking my husband ‘Have you heard of Hilti?’ and his response was ‘Yes – you have to work for them!’.   

My initial role was a great introduction to the Hilti Finance team's way of working. At the end of my first year in the department, we became the Regional Hub for E1, which meant that as a team we were growing and represented more opportunities for even more growth! 

How did you develop into your role as Sales Director? 

I initially joined Hilti as a Commercial Accountant back in 2010 and then progressed into a Finance Business Partner role where I partnered with the Sales team. From here I held positions as a Regional Manager and a Segment Manager for the Energy and Industry division, whilst also managing to fit in a maternity leave! Then, early in 2018 I was promoted to Sales Director for the North Division.  

At Hilti, we have a structured development process called SMD (Strategic Manpower Development). I can honestly say that I have taken the time and care to invest in my own SMD discussions and my personal development, because it really does matter! I have always been open and honest about my aspirations and taken on board feedback around my development areas - all to help broaden my skillset.   

As you can see through the roles that I have undertaken, I have taken side steps to move forward and progress to exactly where I wanted to be. I have trusted in the process and been patient, as its important to ensure that you stay focused on your current position and perform in order to move on. 


Sam Lane

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

The main thing I enjoy about my job is spending time with our people and seeing them develop through our organisation. 

Also, I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical day but there is certainly a lot of variety. The main things I cover are meetings with our key customers to drive engagement topics such as; ON!Track and Big Fleet. Then there's the people development aspect, whether that be recruitment / capacity planning, or coaching and development of our existing team. Personally, I find that most of the smaller topics feed into these two main blocks in some way. 

What surprises you most about your job?

Truthfully, nothing surprises me. Having been here 8 years and in several different departments, I can honestly say I have seen or been involved in lots of different topics. One thing for certain about Hilti is change, so that we can ensure we are always driving innovation in the way that we do things and through the topics we are discussing with our customers. For me, this is what keeps it exciting! 

What would you say to other women considering a career at Hilti? 

I would say the same thing that I would say to anyone. Hilti shows that they are an organisation that really supports development, whilst driving to be the best we can be. How many organisations do you know where people have moved from Finance to Sales to Marketing?  If you want to be part of a great workplace that is always striving to have the best people around you, then come join us! 

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