The right demolition breaker for the job

TE 2000

After discussing construction lasers and levels with HSS Hire, this time it’s about breaking concrete and few things will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as Electric Demolition Breakers. But how do choose the right demolition breaker to hire for the job? 

What breaker is right for me?

To help you select the tool, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions…

1.      Where will I be working in most of the time?

2.      What base materials will I be primarily working with?

3.      What percentage of time will I be working with each material?

4.      What is the material thickness?

When thinking about those questions, it’s important to remember that breakers aren’t intended to drill, there is no rotation of the chuck; Instead, the insert is thrust in a powerful hammering motion. This means that these types of breakers can be used to break up an especially hard material such as concrete.

The size of your demolition breaker will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to chip away at a standing wall, you should hire a smaller breaker that makes vertical breaking more manageable, for example a TE 500-AVR breaker. Or if you’re breaking concrete floors or brick pathways, invest in something heavier like a TE 1000-AVR breaker. 

Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) Technology

Since Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) was first recognised as a serious occupational health threat in the 1980s; we’ve worked closely with the HSE and tool users, to develop machines which not only lower vibration but which also increase productivity. That’s when the TE 3000-AVR was born, an electric breaker which delivers the power and performance as  existing air and hydraulic tools – the best performance with the least vibration.

Using our AVR Technology, the breaker generates vibration of less than 7m/s2 giving 4 hours and 5 minutes of permissible trigger time in a day.

Hilti’s AVR Technology comprises a series of springs and pivots that effectively decouples the side handles from the operational end of the tool. The vibration in the direction of the hammer is reduced by a damping mechanism, whilst counter balancing further reduces the vibrating effects. The result is a machine which feels much lighter than its power suggests and a triple-axis vibration that enables Hilti to claim a best-in-class trigger time boosting operator productivity.

hilti avr

Hilti breakers available to hire at HSS

So, we know that breakers are designed for higher productivity, reduced vibration and dust exposure for concrete demotion and chiselling. But, which ones are available at HSS?

Well, HSS Hire have the right breaker for every job …. Including the new TE 2000-AVR!

This concrete breaker delivers powerful performance equal to competitor breakers in the 30 Kg weight class, at virtually half the weight! Even more surprisingly, this small but mighty power breaker weighs in at just 14.5 Kg but packs enough punch to break up to 3 tons of concrete an hour. Due to extremely low vibration levels, the tool has a trigger time of 8 hours, meaning a day’s continuous breaking is no problem for the end user! There really is the right breaker for every job.

demolition hammers for all applications


What about HSS? Well, HSS hire are a customer who has provided industry-leading tool hire for over 50 years in the UK and Ireland. We’ve discussed lasers previously, but they have nationwide availability of the full, best in class, range of our Hilti breakers (including the TE 2000!) and as shown, the range allows you to select the optimal tool to suit your application.