Hilti Generations

Proud to encourage diversity across our business

Hilti Generations

Hilti is proud to encourage diversity across our business and, as part of this, it’s important to us that our team reflects different demographics and experience levels.

This is reflected in the fact that we have many examples of team members who span different generations of the same family.

Susan Flynn and Louise Grant

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Susan Flynn has worked for Hilti for almost ten years and is a Fleet Administrator in our Customer Services team. Her daughter, Louise Grant, works as an Account Manager.

Susan encouraged her daughter to apply because she sees Hilti as a great place to work, with good benefits. She finds the company “the right mixture” between hard work and fun and, once Louise completed her Physics degree, felt that she would benefit from the development and growth opportunities on offer at Hilti.

Susan’s favourite thing about working with her daughter?

“You can share knowledge, and it’s a brilliant support, for both me and my daughter. It will be lovely to see her grow at Hilti.”

Shaun Blake and Ferrona Blake

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Ferrona has worked for Hilti for 35 years and is PA to our Sales Directors. Her son Shaun came on board as an Account Manager in the North West seven weeks ago.

Ferrona says:

“I always knew Shaun would be a good fit for Hilti but it had never crossed my mind to talk to him about joining, as I didn’t want it to appear as though I was interfering. However, Shaun attended the 2017 Kick Off Conference with me and was totally enthralled by the whole experience, especially the way in which Hilti recognise and look after their employees.  When we started talking, he admitted that joining Hilti has been a secret ambition of his for a long time.  I didn’t hesitate and immediately recommended him for a role as Shaun has the right drive, work ethic, enthusiasm and self-motivation.”

For Shaun, having seen Hilti grow and develop through his mum’s career, he had confidence in the company before he even joined. Now, he enjoys having Ferrona on hand to ask for advice about the organisation and Ferrona loves being able to keep an eye on him!

Liza Derbyshire and Lucie Brady

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Liza is a Fleet Administrator in Head Office and encouraged her daughter, Lucie, to apply for an Account Manager role in Wales when she graduated from university. As she enjoyed working for the company, she was confident that Lucie would too.  

Liza’s favourite thing about working with her daughter is talking to her every day, even though they live miles apart and says:

“Lucie has made me proud of her every day working towards her targets and meeting new people.”

Hazel Dickie and Alistair Dickie

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Hazel joined Hilti 15 months ago and is now an Account Manager within the Sales North division. Her dad, Alistair, has worked for Hilti since before she was born and is now General Manager in New Zealand. 

Hazel said:

“My dad has been with Hilti longer than I have been alive so I have grown up with the company. Hilti moved him and our family all around the world from the UK to Thailand and then to New Zealand, where we settled and I grew up. Now that I am back living in the UK my dad encouraged me to start my own career with Hilti. I was looking for a challenging yet rewarding career and I felt Hilti was the perfect company to offer this.”

For Hazel, the best thing about having a relative at Hilti is having someone in the family to speak to about work who can understand the challenges and the rewards that the company provides. She has also loved having so many people approach her with their stories of working with her dad back in his Hilti GB days.