Connected Tools

Hilti’s Approach to IoT, Smart Technology and the Construction Industry

Hilti’s Approach to IoT, Smart Technology and the Construction Industry

Is a smart watch around your wrist constantly tracking your movements and storing the laps on your jogging route on the cloud? Is your new, voice-activated roommate from Amazon answering to the name of “Alexa” and reordering your washing powder? Have you already installed an intelligent thermostat in your house that automatically adapts to your family’s behaviour and controls all the smart light bulbs in your rooms? If some of this sounds familiar, then IoT, the Internet of Things, has already entered your personal life. And, even if you are not an active user (or a sceptic), you will probably have at least heard of these new ideas.

It’s undeniable that digital solutions are becoming a bigger part of our lives and to ignore this would be to get left behind – so what are we doing about it at Hilti?

Introducing: Connected Tools. This is how we utilise IoT across Hilti hardware and software; making our customers’ lives easier with game-changing products and services.

The Approach

The approach has three parts:

  1. “Asset tracking” - Helping our customers to manage all their tools and assets effectively and independent of the manufacturer
  2. “Tool identification” – Helping our customers to conveniently identify Hilti tools and to get easier access to relevant tool-related services
  3. “Tool control” – Helping our customers by creating tools that are integrated with the Hilti ecosystem to give them all the information they need more quickly and to improve productivity


So, what does this look like in reality? At present, two good examples of the IoT integration at Hilti are our ON!Track and Hilti Connect app.

ON!Track is the revolutionary asset management solution introduced by Hilti in 2015 that tracks all tools, plant, consumables and more. If it can be tagged with our robust yet small tags, it can be tracked. It allows customers to easily manage and assign their assets using our cloud based system as well as keeping up with testing requirements. Hilti provides extensive professional support with the implementation of the solution through different services such as tagging, account setup and end-user trainings. Our customers have told us ON!Track has saved them thousands of pounds and that the payback is a matter of months.

Hilti Connect

Hilti Connect is our newest app, which launched in June 2017. It allows our customers to manage Hilti tools from their smartphone, providing information about the age, type, history and servicing of the item - even when the identification number has been removed or they are on the go.

I am particularly excited about the launch of the Connect app because it will remove the everyday headache of trying to identify tools which undergo heavy wear and tear on professional jobsites.

Our core focus at Hilti will always be to ensure we have the best and most innovative products in the industry, with the finest customer service to accompany this, so it makes sense that we continue to develop the latest technologies. The only limit to how these can be used is our imagination!

What smart technology would you like to see in the construction industry?