Building Equality

Paving the way for future generations of women in construction

Building Equality

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 campaign by CIF, Hilti employees Johanna and Janice share their views as a woman in construction and how we can set a precedence for future generations of women.

Johanna Tynys – Product Manager

Johanna Tynys

What has spurred you on in your career?

Being one of the few women in the sales side of the company at the start of my career (there were only a handful of us) and then the first female diamond specialist in Finland (4th in the Hilti world), there were few female role models for me to look up to. But all those who came before me, paved the way for my career – and for those that will come after me.


What can we do to get women into the industry?

It isn’t easy being the first of anything, so we will always need that one brave enough to take the first plunge into the dark. But it is not just the women who have done their jobs right, it is also all the people in a decision-making position that took a chance with them regardless of their gender.

Janice Galbraith - Account Manager

Janice Galbraith

Where did your interest in construction begin?

I decided to take construction on as an A Level and thoroughly enjoyed learning about how buildings were created, being able to draw plans and learning how so many different people with various skills are required to produce a building. This is where I decided I want to be a person who can help create magnificent buildings that will be around for future generations.


What do you think could make a difference to women in the industry?

I believe we need to target girls at school age when they are choosing their subjects as they need to be aware that STEM subjects can lead to great careers within the construction industry and inform them that there have been many successful females in the construction industry.