Behind The Scenes:

Glasgow Tool Repair Centre

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With 450 to 750 tools being repaired a day and 99.2% of all repairs achieving the 3-day time promise guarantee, it’s fair to say it’s nothing but fast-paced at our Glasgow tool service centre. But, what happens behind the scenes to make it all happen? 

So, we asked Joe Ridge, Repair Team Leader for light-duty tools, what life is like in the repair centre…

life at the repair centre

Joe Ridge tool service

I’ve worked for Hilti for 37 years and there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ as it’s always changing. Having worked my way up through different roles, repairing nearly every tool type over the years, I now manage a team of 14 repair technicians, all specialising in light-duty tools.

We can get between 150-300 repairs per day (and that’s just the light-duty tools) and so we want to make sure all our customers receive the best service with good quality repairs - all delivered within our 3-day promise.

In 2018, the Glasgow Tool Service team took home the supplier of the year award at the Hire Awards of Excellence for our strong customer service offering that is bringing leading levels of service and reduced downtime, including ‘Ready to Rent’.

This offering is a unique service only offered to our largest engaged, top-tier tool hire customers which means that when their tools come in for repair, they are returned to the tool hire depots ready to go out to their customers, complete with their branded stickers, literature in the boxes and all the required testing complete to give them total peace of mind.

most unusual repair...

Some 20 years ago we received a TE 72 combihammer that had been lying at the bottom of the sea for over three weeks. It was salty, smelly and covered inside and out with crustaceans but we managed to clean it up, strip it back and discovered that although the electronics were gone, the mechanical workings of the tool were still intact.

With a lot of tender loving care, we managed to get the tool back to the customer in full working order. It was certainly a repair to remember, I can still smell it!