How can ON!Track contribute towards receiving SSIP accreditations?

CHAS accreditation

Crime and Fire Defence Systems Ltd are specialists in integrated security solutions whereas Raised Floor Solutions are specialist composite flooring contractors, yet they both have one thing in common; they’ve achieved the CHAS and Achilles accreditation, thanks to Hilti ON!Track asset management solution and the Hilti Implementation and Care Specialist Team.

Nowadays, when tendering for a construction project, it’s doubtful not to see a pre-qualification of a CHAS accreditation. But what is this accreditation? And how can ON!Track help you with this? As part of our customer take over series, we chat to both Crime and Fire Defence Systems Ltd and Raised Floor Solutions all about their ON!Track experience, from implementation to the accreditation process to the current day.

What Are the SSIP accreditations?

SSIPs are safety systems in procurement accreditations, an umbrella body for the assessment schemes such as CHAS and Achilles, and those schemes that become members of SSIP all share mutual recognition. In addition, all members align to the Government-backed construction pre-qualification document PAS 91, ensuring consistency within supply chain management. This body reduces duplication and streamlines the procurement process.

Achilles is a UK construction industry accreditation and risk management scheme. A standardised pre-qualification questionnaire streamlines the procurement process and manages risk. Having this accreditation helps buyers to identify suitably qualified contractors.

The CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a pre-approval scheme, which allows contractors to demonstrate to potential clients that they meet the required Health and sSafety standards.

Both Crime and Fire Systems and Raised Floor Solutions have achieved the Achilles and CHAS Premium Plus. The accreditations involve an audit process to demonstrate their commitment to achieve the required standards and pre-qualify the company for the tendering of projects. 

Clare Mallory, Health and Safety Manager at Crime and Fire Systems explains the Achilles accreditation in more detail in relation to their business…

“The Achilles Verify Category B2 audit includes 2 elements; a management system evaluation, and a visit to a working site. The management system evaluation is designed to assess the company’s internal policies and procedures with regards to Health & Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Assurance. The site visit allows the auditor to ascertain awareness and understanding of the management systems in place and seeks assurance that controls and requirements are being complied with at site level. Both elements are evidence based and each element contains several sub-sections, of which scores are awarded depending on the findings.”

How does ON!Track help the accreditations?

Our asset management solution system ON!Track tells you exactly what equipment you have, where it is and who is using it. In addition, it notifies you if you have tools that need maintenance or calibration. When it’s time to renew training or certification it tells you in advance. The Bluetooth enabled smart tags offer a fast inventory check and tells you which equipment is nearby. With this critical information at your fingertips, it’s simple to keep your work on track, profitable and fully compliant, contributing to any accreditation application process.

For Raised Floor Solutions, ON!Track provides them with a platform to work from which encompasses live records of their on-site resources which are easily retrieved for the evidence based on site assessments. Also, it offers a secure, user user-friendly centralised system which is easy to build upon as the company processes and assets grow. The ability to utilise the system, within defined parameters for each user ensures up-to-date and relevant information across the sites, warehouses and head office. 

And, how did it help in the CHAS accreditation application process?

Well, Sarah Ormsby, Operations Manager at Raised Floor Solutions highlighted that the primary reason for the investment in the systems was “to control the safety netting element for our business. The system monitors the individual safety net, date of manufacture, testing requirements, repairs and location which may be at any one of our nationwide sites, via a simple scanning system. This enables the company to have full traceability of each net, any damage, repairs or condemnation”.

Sarah continues “By combining all elements of our site based activities into the central ON!Track system demonstrated our ability and commitment to provide competent rigging safety netting, compliant products and comprehensive maintenance.”

Whilst Clare Mallory highlighted “The Hilti-On!Track system proved useful in both elements of the audit and helped to increase our overall scores on a number of the sub-sections. Aside from it being user friendly, it allowed us to demonstrate compliance with several the key requirements of the Achilles Verify Accreditation”

In the words of Clare Mallory, some of the key requirements of the accreditation which ON!Track assisted Crime and Fired Defence Systems Ltd are:

1) Training and Capability/Competence Assessment

The Hilti-OnTrack system solution allows a way of recording and storing all training information and competencies for each employee that is accessible at the touch of a button. Not only were we able to demonstrate how training was recorded, we were also able to show how the system sends out “alerts” identifying when training certificates are close to expiring, therefore allowing arrangements to be made for refresher/additional training.

2) Use of Work Equipment, Vehicles and Machines

The Hilti!OnTrack solution was used to demonstrate our process with regards to the provision and use of plant, machinery and equipment. The system is used for the tagging, recording and allocating of all work equipment. The details of maintenance, inspections and calibration dates are inputted to allow renewal “alerts” to be set and copies of certificates are uploaded for every asset.

Finally, let’s not forget the usability of the system. Sue Dearden, Contracts Coordinator, from Raised Floor Solutions highlights “ON!Track is very user-friendly, you can access as much information as possible, and it’s as simple as scanning a barcode”

What else can ON!Track offer your business?

It’s evident that a lot of time, effort and resources are invested daily to make SHEQ (Safety, Health, Quality and the Environment) a seamless aspect of every job undertaken in an organisation and Hilti ON!Track can play a key part in this. However, we now know companies are looking for asset management systems not only for the approval of accreditations but for productivity reasons also, and ON!Track can do that too.