Hilti ‘Day In The Life’

A Day In The Life Of Customer Services with Harry Keates

As part of our Day In The Life Series, we chat to Harry, part of the Customer Service team at the Hilti GB headquarters in Manchester....

All about Harry

A Day In The Life Of Customer Services with Harry Keates

Before Hilti I worked in B2B phone sales for a Learning and Development company based in the city centre of Manchester, primarily selling to small/medium technical IT businesses. As sales wasn’t for me but I enjoyed communicating with customers over the phone, customer service seemed like a natural fit and luckily for me Hilti were hiring!

What's a typical day in customer services?

A typical day in customer service starts with a trip to the coffee machine, for me it is important to be fully on the ball when I start my shift as you never know what the first call will be.

Inbound calls take up most our working day: on average I will receive around 35-50 calls, depending on how busy we are. The types of people we speak to range from builders (of course), managing directors, engineers, office staff (accounts, buyers, etc) and field-based Hilti account managers.

Other responsibilities include responding to customer emails - queries can range from orders and quotations to booking on repairs and even technical advice. Although there is a clear structure to our working day the variety of requests and tasks mean that every day is unique.

Which leads me nicely onto what my favourite part of the job is, which is that not one day is the same. With customer service at Hilti, every time I walk into work I can never fully guarantee what type of day I’m going to have, which certainly keeps me on my toes!

Another great part of the job is that I am constantly learning. Having no prior experience/knowledge of the construction industry I have had to learn, from scratch, things like diamond coring, chemical resin anchors and heavy duty breakers.

Thankfully, before you’re put on the phones, you receive five weeks of classroom training on all of our products to give you a base knowledge.

development at hilti

Working at Hilti rewards individuals who constantly seek out improvement and are hungry to learn and further develop their skills.

But being a Customer Service Representative at Hilti doesn’t restrict your career prospects. When you start, you are given the opportunity to discuss your aspirations at Hilti, whether it be account management, finance, or marketing.  Once these are made clear, your team leader works with you to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that is tailored to you and makes clear what you need to achieve in order to prepare you for your next role.

As I studied marketing at university, my aspirations were to eventually move into a marketing role within Hilti head office. My team leader worked closely with me to create my development plan by giving me extra responsibilities and targets. As a result, I now work as part of the social media team within the digital marketing function.  

It wasn’t easy, but hard work always pays off eventually!

I know plenty of colleagues who started their Hilti careers in customer services but have since moved into other parts of the business. Therefore, my advice for anyone who is looking to join the customer service team at Hilti is be open and honest, never be afraid to ask questions and be clear in what you want to achieve.

Everyone in customer service is extremely approachable and happy to help!