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Hilti Blog

Discover the latest blog posts from the team behind the scenes at Hilti

Construction Productivity

Top 5 construction management challenges

Do you struggle with construction management? You’re not alone. Find out how to overcome these common challenges in this blog.

Top 5 construction management challenges

Latest Blogs

howards plastering

5 minutes with Howard Plastering

We catch up with Howard Plastering to find out how after integrating out ON!Track solution, they have improved processes and saved costs. 

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bookbridge 2018

When Hilti’s ON!Track becomes part of a social enterprise…

Since 2012, Hilti have been collaborating with Bookbridge, a social enterprise providing action-learning programmes. But, what does it involve?

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bluetooth enabled tracking

The technology behind Bluetooth Enabled Equipment Tracking

Our new Bluetooth enabled equipment tracking has been described as the missing piece of the asset management jigsaw - find out why.

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Cordless In Charge


That Cordless Inserts Increase Battery Performance?

Whether you're cutting metal or hammer drilling, cordless inserts can really make a difference by increasing battery reach of your cordless systems.

Cordless Inserts

Previous Blog Posts

construction trends 2019

Three construction industry trends for 2019

As 2018 has been and gone and the new year is underway, what better time to contemplate what could be in store for the construction industry in 2019 and beyond.

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jobsite superhero

3 signs you're a jobsite superhero

You're a job site superhero, you know what's going on in your job site - when, where and how. But sometimes we need a helping hand... like Hilti ON!Track.

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hilti life hacks

Hilti life hacks

From a toolbox table to an inserts clock, what can you do with your old Hilti tools and accessories? We present our life hacks series.

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logistics apprentice

A day in the life of a Logistics Apprentice

Welcome to the world of logistics - We’ve been chatting to Jennifer Thurstan, a warehousing and storage apprentice here at Hilti.

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how drill bits work

How drill bits work: where the rubber hits the road

This week, Andy Abernethy, a Store Representative in our Liverpool Hilti Store explains how the choice of drill bit really can save crucial time…

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Connectivity and tools make a great partnership

Connectivity - a word that seems to be related to every new technology and is now poised to be one of the greatest benefits for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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iot transforming the construction industry

How is the Internet of Things transforming the construction industry

Various industries have turned to the Internet of Things (IOT) in order to unlock productivity growth, but what about construction?

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Hilti SMD Ltd

Customer take over series with SMD Ltd

As part of our behind the scenes blog series we’ve been chatting to some of our customers about the projects they’re working on and their focus for 2019.

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Hilti work experience

What is work experience like at Hilti?

Holly Jenkinson, recently carried out work experience at Hilti HQ in Manchester. Here she tells us all about her experience in the office and out in the field.

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Hilti Repair Center

Behind the Scenes at Glasgow Tool Repair Centre

With 450 to 750 tools being repaired per day, it’s nothing but fast-paced at our Glasgow tool service centre and Joe Ridge explains what life is like in the centre.

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Top three things I love about the jigsaw

Top three things that I love about the jigsaw

You asked and we listened – the missing piece of your cordless tool park is here - the cordless Jigsaw!

The new benchmark for cutting performance, safety and precision.

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scope creep

Scope creep in construction

We discuss how scope creep is the tendency of a project to grow in scale and complexity due to unexpected reasons and how asset management can help you avoid it.

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Day in the life of a Hilti Apprentice

Day in the life of a Hilti apprentice

Earlier this month, we met with Hollie Platt, a Business and Administration apprentice at Hilti Great Britain Head Office. Working in the Facilities department for the past four months, Hollie has already been involved in significant projects including the new Hilti Head Office development.

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Hilti Store

Day in the life of a Hilti store rep

Continuing our ‘Day In The Life’ series, Store Representative Andy Abernethy gives us an insight on what it’s like to work in a Hilti store and why he loves it

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International Career Development

International career development

Following World Culture Day on the 21st May, we are continuing our blog series focussed on international career development. This time, Carl Carlander talks us through the variety of roles he has explored at Hilti.

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GDPR and the construction industry

With the GDPR just around the corner – May 25th 2018 to be exact – our E-Marketing Manager John-Paul Healey outlines what will happen when the legislation comes into effect, how Hilti already manages your data and how businesses can prepare for the upcoming changes; all in relation to the construction industry.

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Global careers offer amazing opportunities

Following World Culture Day on the 21st May, we are continuing our blog series focused on international career development and some of the fantastic global mobility stories Hilti offers.

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How can we increase productivity through laser measuring?

How can we increase productivity through laser measuring?

Here are Hilti we continue to deliver productivity solutions, and this week Andreas Markgraf discusses the productivity gains of using the newest laser measuring tools, especially our PM 40-MG.

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Women in construction

Building equality: women in Construction

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 campaign, Hilti employees discuss being a woman in construction and how we can set a precedence for future generations.

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Hilti's best kept secret

You may have heard of e-procurement  but what does it actually mean? You might be suprised to hear it can help you to increase process effeciencies, reduce costs and provide visibility into day-to-day transactions of your business.

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    PM 40-MG

Anti-aging antidote found

Our product manager for measuring, Agnieszka Gajek, talks about her favourite new laser and explains why she thinks we've cracked the secret to anti-aging.

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the construction industry chose me!

The construction industry chose me!

ooking back on International Women’s Day last week, we wanted to put the spotlight on some of the women who have grown within the organisation, through our latest blog series #PressforProgress. 

This week, we spoke to Sam Lane, Sales Director for our North Division.

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No two days are the same at Hilti

As part of our #PressForProgress series we're speaking to women who have grown within the organisation. This week, we speak to Dawn Leitch, a Regional Manager for Scotland, working within our Sales North division.

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