CO2 and Energy Efficiency

Reducing our carbon footprint

We take on responsibility for a sustainable future

Did you know, the construction of buildings accounts for more than 10 percent of global CO2 emissions? We work closely with our customers to help reduce their footprint and also make our own substantial contributions to reduce this.

With our CO2 Strategy, we've set ourselves some ambitious targets with regards to proactive energy management, taking on the global responsibility for a sustainable future.

OUR CO2 intensity reduction TARGET

CO2 intensity reduction target for HILTI

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% per employee between 2016 and 2030. Our KPI for CO2 emissions is based on the number of employees because this is a stable measure that we can control. By contrast, a revenue-based KPI would be less stable as Hilti makes the vast majority of its revenue in different currencies with very volatile exchange rates.

Structural changes in CO2 reporting [PDF]

Key areas of action

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

We're managing our energy efficiency at production plants based on defined targets with the focus on production equipment and infrastructure.



We're working to increase our use of electric vehicles by 2030 with step-by-step implementation based on local infrastructure and car type availability.

Green energy

Green energy

Where possible, we purchase green electricity – predominantly in central Europe.

How we work

Our targets, within 3-year planning periods
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Our targets, within 3-year planning periods, are based on organisation-specific Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects and overarching corporate goals.

Our targets are systematically broken down to projects
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Our targets are systematically broken down to projects and initiatives, and are measurable.

We implement our defined measures in cross-organizational teams
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We implement our defined measures in cross-organisational teams and ensure regular experience exchanges between experts.

We regularly report on our progress
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We regularly report on our progress – both internally and externally.

We regularly conduct internal and external audits
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We regularly conduct internal and external audits for environmental and energy management.

Results of energy saving efforts

13 kWh

million per year
saved since 2011, with greater savings planned and in progress


million invested
in energy saving measures since 2011

300 projects

on energy saving active or completed
globally since 2011

Electric cars in Sweden
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Electric cars in Sweden: a case study

We are at the beginning of our journey to incorporate electric cars into our car fleet. A start has been made on this in Sweden, where management cars have been replaced by hybrid or electric cars. At the same time, Hilti provides charging stations at its office locations. The Swedish market organisation is strongly committed to moving over its whole car fleet to green modes of transport by 2030.

Combined heat and power in production plants
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Combined heat and power in production plants

Wherever possible, Hilti looks into alternative energy provision with the best environmental footprint. This saw us install a combined heat and power plant at our Nersingen / Germany site, where we use both the electricity and heat generated from the gas-powered unit, meaning that we have a lower primary energy demand and save about 125 tons of CO2 annually.

Heating sourced from the local biomass heating plant
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Heating sourced from the local biomass heating plant

In addition to the use of production and infrastructure excess heat, the Kaufering power plant site obtains its heat from the community of Kaufering, generating the majority of its energy from wood chips. Hilti currently receives about 30% of the total heat generated. Compared to the usage of gas, we save about 90% of the CO2 emissions for heating at this location.

New production equipment
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New production equipment

In all our locations, we are sourcing new machinery with the aim of installing much more energy-efficient equipment than the previous machinery. One example of this is a milling machine in our Kecskemét / Hungary plant, where we invested about 15% more in a machine that uses 7% less energy than a comparable alternative.

Our key initiatives relating to health, safety and the environment

technology and products

Technology and products

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