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How ON!Track is increasing productivity for IP Jones

ON!Track has a significant impact on productivity onsite

Did you know, construction companies spend an average of 90 hours each month searching for their assets across construction sites? This wasted time has a major impact on operational efficiency and profit margins. We spoke to IP Jones Fencing Contractors Ltd to find out how Hilti asset management software, ON!Track has changed their ways of working for the better. 

Life before ON!Track

“The main problem was that the lads used to share the tools among themselves, without necessarily letting us know who had what” highlighted Operations Manager, Dave Wickes. “Also, a lot of tools needed repairs and servicing, which again, without keeping a track on it means we had tools that were out of action for a longer period of time than we expected them to be – there was no system in place”.

Different businesses face the same challenges. Tools out of action and not being repaired in time can result in significant downtime due to inaccurate stock levels when planning future jobs.

So, how can ON!Track help you overcome these issues?

Improving productivity with ON!Track

“First, Hilti came in and did a business analysis and went through all our tools to calculate downtime.” Said Ian Jones, Managing Director. This analysis assesses the number of tools onsite, in vehicles and in warehouses, looks at  hidden costs and monitors how tools are managed. At Hilti, we then produce a bespoke Productivity Analysis Report showing in detail where you can make productivity gains and save costs. Ian continues “Hilti have showed us how to use what we had in a more efficient manner, which has increased productivity on a daily basis”.

Contracts Manager, Chris Derbyshire discussed accountability: “The system has massively improved accountability resulting in less mistakes, especially when servicing and repairs are only a phone call or click away and are collected within a few hours”. It’s evident the accountability that ON!Track has provided IP jones with now means they have more of what they need in stock as well as who has what at any one time. In this case, through ON!Track, the ways of working have helped significantly to speed up the process from pick list to the management of the tools to managing the yard.

Finally, we can now see how ON!Track really can deliver impactful results, but we like to go beyond just managing assets and Operations Manager, Dave Wickes, thinks we do just that. He states “Our favourite thing about working with Hilti is the professionalism, reliability and the quality of tools.”

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