How Hilti and SMD Ltd Make The Perfect Partnership


Strong partnerships are fundamental for us at Hilti and we've recently been chatting to some of our partners about everything from ongoing projects to favourite tools to future business focus. In the following blog, we speak to SMD Ltd who specialise in steel deck flooring systems. We discus how throughout the years they’ve assisted in the development of the Hilti GX 3 and seen technologies first-hand. After all, that's what great working relationships are all about.  

All the tools


Established in the mid 1980's, SMD Ltd have specialised in the supply and installation of steel deck flooring systems. They have built up a strong reputation in the industry by understanding the importance of safety, reliability, quality and excellent service. 

They have worked closely with us and recently assisted with the research and development of the GX 3 gas-actuated fastening tool. Their extensive knowledge and expertise of fastening into steel played a crucial part in not only the tool development, but also in gaining approvals for our fixings range too.

As part of the development, SMD’s site operatives used a tool prototype for more than six months, providing constant valuable feedback on the tool which is now widely available. 

"Having this opportunity to provide qualitative feedback on a tool before it is launched was invaluable for us as a business. It gives us further trust that the final tool will provide the highest standard of finish for our clients" states Richard, Operations Manager at SMD Ltd

cutting-edge technology

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"Making sure we are using cutting-edge technology is key for our business. Small productivity gains on the jobsite make a significant impact on ensuring the successful delivery of our client's projects" explains Richard. 

Due to this shared appreciation for research and development, SMD Ltd visited our innovation centre in Schaan to get hands-on experience with some of our tools before their launch. We have a focus on maximising operator safety, productivity and quality assurances – all of which resonated with SMD Ltd. Looking forward, they suggested that, cloud-based technologies would form an integral part of their business. 

long-term partnership


SMD Ltd emphasise Hilti Fleet Management was the perfect solution for them, as they place a great deal of importance on minimising downtime and maintenance costs  and having the ability to confidently budget and forecast with  fixed costs.

As a result, we’re delighted to continue our long-term partnership with them, expressing their willingness and trust to exclusively use Hilti solutions for all their steel deck fastening moving forward. 

Richard highlights“our partnership with Hilti plays a crucial part in the longevity of our business. It offers a great opportunity for both parties due to their commitment to innovation whilst involving end user feedback.” 

We're excited to see what the future holds!

To find out more about SMD Ltd, visit their website.