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Features & Applications

  • Smoother progress on-site – this passive exoskeleton supports the wearer, helping to cut down on overexertion injuries, rest breaks and sick leave during construction work
  • All-day comfort – weighing under 2 kg (4.4 lbs.), this ultralight exoskeleton can help delay arm/shoulder muscle fatigue during long periods of overhead work
  • Freedom of movement – provides dynamic support without restricting the range of motion of arm and torso
  • Versatile – engineered to provide support for virtually any overhead installation work on construction jobsites
  • No batteries needed – no power source to charge and no motors to maintain help ensure your overhead exoskeletons are ready whenever you need them
  • Installing overhead air ducts and ventilation equipment
  • Installing overhead sprinklers
  • Installing overhead piping
  • Fastening overhead cables and conduits
  • Hanging plasterboard


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Relieve strain on shoulders and arms during overhead installation work

Are you interested in preventing long-term injury caused by prolonged overhead applications? Look no further than the Hilti EXO-O1 exoskeleton!

Musculoskeletal injuries caused by overhead working are a common concern for those working in the construction industry.

Such injuries affect the health and wellbeing of workers, with the latest HSE statistics reporting around 46,000 work-related cases of musculoskeletal disorders in construction, with 44% of people suffering these injuries in the upper limbs or neck.

For businesses, it’s vital to put the health of workers first. As well as the effects to workers wellbeing, musculoskeletal injuries have a knock-on effect to operations with reduced productivity and higher costs.

Here at Hilti, we’re proud to be the first construction tool manufacturer to provide an exoskeleton for construction, the brand-new EXO-O1. Working in partnership with medical technology company Ottobock we have developed an exoskeleton for construction workers, supporting health and safety as well as addressing labour shortage challenges.

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We are proud to be supporting Swedish building and construction company, Peterson & Hansson, in its mission to protect its workforce from damaging musculoskeletal injuries, who were happy to share their thoughts on EXO-O1:

“Our employees have been using the EXO-O1 for 3 months now and have commented on the significant improvements that they have felt in their shoulders by the end of the day.”

The EXO-O1 overhead exoskeleton takes the load placed on the arms and transfers it to the hips via arm supports, using sophisticated mechanical cable and pulley systems. The EXO-O1 is a passive model, which means it doesn’t need an energy supply to function. It features adjustable strength settings, which enables companies to support diverse workforces. The easy-to-use adjustments ensure both a perfect fit for the user, as well as the possibility to share EXO-O1 within teams. 

The business MRI Report (Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Constructruction Industry) highlights the risk of strenuous overhead work in construction and the measures that can be taken to mitigate these risks:

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