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Building Envelope

Direct fastening solutions for building envelope applications - such as siding and decking, light ventilated facade and curtain walls as well as insulation and non-metal roofing

Curtain wall
Direct fastening solution for curtain wall installations
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Direct fastening solutions for damp-proofing - such as attaching waterproofing membrane to concrete or masonry
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Glass façade and window fronts
Direct fastening solution for glass façade and window front installations
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Direct fastening solutions for fastening mineral wool, EPS and other insulation boards onto façades, ceilings and cellar exteriors
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Light ventilated façade
Direct fastening solutions for light ventilated facades
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Siding and Decking
Direct fastening solutions for siding and decking work – fasten siding and decking, profile metal sheets, liner trays, steel composite systems on steel supports and more
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